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Anna M. Konye

Ann Konye
Anna was born and raised in Edmonton, and received her degrees in History and Law at the University of Alberta.  In 2006, she articled to Alexander D. Pringle Q.C. and continued to work with him before leaving his firm in 2012 to join Sprake Song & Konye.

Anna has represented clients in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and has significant experience defending clients charged with serious criminal offences, including murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, sexual assault, and drug trafficking.  She also represents clients charged with driving and property-related offences, such as impaired driving, fraud and theft.

She has been successful in advancing Charter-based challenges at trial, obtaining stays of proceedings on account of abuses of process and acquittals based on the exclusion of evidence.  Anna has also conducted appeals, appearing in the Court of Appeal of Alberta and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Anna is no stranger to cases that attract public scrutiny and her submissions in court have frequently been quoted in the media.  She also particpated in the Braidwood Inquiry, which investigated circumstances surrounding Mr. Robert Dziekanski’s death at the Vancouver International Airport and the use of conducted energy weapons (tasers) in British Columbia.

For approximately ten years, Anna was an officer in the Naval Reserve of the Canadian Forces and, prior to retiring, served as a Lieutenant (Navy) whose primary task was to command, coordinate and control Maritime Operations.  Officers in her military occupation manned seagoing combatant units of Maritime Command.  During her service, she was also appointed as an Aide-de-Camp for the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.

Anna has continued her dedication to service through her involvement in the legal profession.  She was elected President of the Edmonton Bar Association between 2010 and 2011, and continues to sit as a member of its Executive.

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