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Property Crime


Seasoned Lawyers Dealing with Property Crimes

Property crime is a blanket term which covers a wide variety of crimes, ranging from minor theft to extortion to robbery. Sprake Song & Konye are skilled and experienced criminal defence lawyers who will pursue the most favorable outcome in your case.

While working with a lawyer may not prevent you from facing any consequences, it can minimize the legal, financial, and future professional consequences you’ll have to deal with.


Types of Property Crime

Property crimes may include theft, fraud, breaking and entering, extortion, robbery, and counterfeiting.

Property crimes can generally be classified as either theft or fraud. You can learn more about these categories in detail, including possible penalties and defences by clicking on the links below.


The standard definition of theft is the taking of any property which does not belong to you without the owner’s permission. The most common type of theft is shoplifting, typically a minor offence. Thefts are classified as either Theft Under $5000 or Theft Over $5000.

Shoplifting and theft under $5000 is quite common, with those accused coming from every walk of life. Many, especially first-time offenders, are eligible for diversion programs which allow the accused to maintain a clean record. One exception to this, however, is if you’re alleged to have stolen from your employer. These are considered breaches of trust, and can result in custodial sentences.

Theft over $5000 may include activities like workplace theft, embezzlement, and vehicle thefts.

Other charges associated with theft may include break and enter charges, robbery, and extortion.


Fraud is defined as an activity of intentional deception of which the goal is often personal or financial gain. Like theft, fraud is classified as Fraud Under $5000 and Fraud Over $5000, depending on the amount alleged to have been defrauded.

Other charges associated with fraud may include credit card fraud, unauthorized use of credit cards, counterfeiting, and making or dealing in instruments for forging or falsifying credit cards.

Handling Property Crime Charges

You need a skilled attorney to represent you and protect your future. Sprake Song & Konye will advise you, help build a solid defence, and do everything possible to minimize your legal, financial, and professional consequences.

If you’re facing charges of property crimes such as theft or fraud, contact us to schedule a consultation today.